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Title : Life and the dark side of freedom

What makes you successful? Sometimes, you want freedom to achieve success, and even you will be disappointed because of your parents’ prohibition, because in general the word free for young people is the thing most parents fear. It can be fatal for young people who already have a free life. But it does not rule out the possibility that some free young people can become successful entrepreneurs, therefore it is free to be divided into two types, future and independent loss with success. Many among the free words who lost the future, I also believe this, even a freedom will eliminate the entire future, imagine the life of drugs, a form of crude powder that binds humans, obviously the choice is you who is free from the family environment, only then for those who are free to hide .

Title : Fight with Adult

When you are called adult, I am also confused when I am called to be an adult, but rest assured that now I am an adult, if indeed you have not considered yourself mature, then at least you must believe that you are able to deal with various problems and you face with full calm.



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Title : Scribbling White Paper

A wise word and comes from strong references saying that children are like white paper, so that their future depends on their parents, the environment and the education they receive. These words seem simple, but various evidence has shown tangible results in life. Speaking culture is one of the things that is derived directly from families and certain community groups. This process will produce a variety of languages in the world that we can see to this day, but it turns out that in every language it also contains crude and subtle ways of speaking that can only be reduced by the pattern of education in the family.

Title : Honest is the Good Things

Honest is one of the behaviors that is difficult to obtain and maintain, but this behavior is needed by everyone. Dishonesty leads to bad stories in the end, but many people don’t care about that and eventually they have to feel bad stories. In a community of people, if there is someone who is dishonest it will not make many problems, but if many people begin to be dishonest, that will be the worst thing. This story has been told to children in the form of fiction, but it has a great meaning. Therefore, there is nothing wrong for us to learn from this short story.

Title : Don’t Let Only Write, but Do It Because It Is Worship

Japan is one of the countries that is famous for its crafts and disciplines. Various evidence has shown that they are able to compete with great countries from other parts of the world. In the past, Japan had carved a lot of history even in the terrible war, they had felt two atomic bombs exploding there. Simple logic of thinking, with great damage, the Japanese people will be traumatized and difficult to change, but that doesn’t happen.


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Title : Nira Coffee at Moorden Tavern

Coffee drinks mixed with teasing Nira. this is a new concoction of the baristas I found in Warung Moorden, Beurawe, Banda Aceh. Nira is a liquid obtained from the Nira Tree which, if fermented, will change the level of glucos in it containing small amounts of alcohol. In Aceh it is known as ‘Ie Jok’ which can be converted into tuak. ‘Ie Jok’ has long been known as a legacy of the drink of the legacy of the Acehnese ancestors of the past. If you pass the Seulimum area, Aceh Besar, many are sold by the side of the road. By the baristas in the Moorden shop, this drink was mixed with arabica coffee. The making is not difficult, the juice of the juice is prepared first with a little ice cubes in the glass. Then the coffee is mixed and poured into a glass and becomes NIRAPRESSO. []

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Title : Aceh and the Pantun 1/2 Curse Jahannam?

About the old pantun that I have long heard about the Acehnese’s expertise in fighting. This is very disturbing until I write this down. Don’t you curse that? I don’t dare say yes, no or no. Because there is a sense of half-confidence there, if you look at a play that has been valid in Aceh for a long time, maybe some people call it fate or more to go into trial. That rhyme I think was inspired by the very long history of war in Aceh. Since the time of the sultanate, Aceh has fought against invaders and even each other to seize power. After being involved in the war of expelling the Portuguese for the power of pepper, there was a war against the Dutch, then Japan. Aceh is said to have never been subdued, and smart judgment has a point. Furthermore, there is a conflict between the Darul Islam and the last conflict spearheaded by the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) until the peace of 15 August 2005 ago. []



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Title : Short Analysis: In 2006, Why Pluto Is Not a Planet?

Why is Pluto Not a Planet …? Pluto discovered in 1930 enjoyed being the ninth planet until 2006. With advanced telescopes, many objects such as Pluto were discovered. They are all found spinning around the sun. Then there are questions, Pluto is now a dwarf planet. Dwarf planets are celestial bodies that only fulfill the first two criteria in the new definition of the planet. There are five dwarf planets. Pluto, Haumea, Makemake, and Eris Located outside Neptune. The fifth dwarf planet, Ceres, lives in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. source!

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Title : Review LKIF : Penetapan Awal dan Akhir Bulan

One sign of the end of the month is the emergence of a new moon child. We are now at the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan. So we need to know together how to determine the end of Ramadan in 2018. If at the time of the Prophet, the Companions and Tabi’in in determining the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan they used the Rukyatul Bil Fi’il system (see with the eyes of the head) or by means of istikmal (fulfilling the month of Sha’ban and Ramadhan to 30) But along with the time of the ulama and mujtahid in determining the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan had their own way. There are three kinds of ways that scholars do in determining the beginning and end of the month of Ramadan.



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Title : Beauty and Mystery | 20180729 ( Poetry ) #63

This poem was born from an inspiration from nature, namely the sea. Who doesn’t know the sea? Starting from the small to the adult, all may have done beach tourism. Yes, the beach is part of a sea. In shallow sea waters are also used for various entertainment and exploration activities such as snorkeling, surfing and even diving. But the deepest part of the sea is still lacking in exploration and most remain a mystery. The sea also has the ferocious side of hurricanes and high waves, this is more influenced by the seasons and weather. However, the sea remains with its ups and downs in attracting the interest of its lovers to still be able to enjoy it.

Title : Tell the Truth | 20180731 ( Poetry ) #64

This poem tells about love and various life problems. Taking the title “tell the truth” as an affirmation that we must enjoy and live this life with certainty. All humans have life’s burdens and needs, but there is a need for a chest to take and pass them. Facing the problem is better than avoiding it for the present but will backfire in the future. This is the emphasis of this poem and hopefully the message of the poem is conveyed.


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Title : Babah Kuala Beach, Lhoknga Indonesia.

Hello traveller..Babah Kuala Beach is located in Mon Ikeun Village, Lhoknga District, Aceh Besar District, Aceh. This beach has become a favorite for beach and sunset connoisseurs, on this beach weekend it is frequented by local tourists. In the big wave season, many foreign tourists visit here to surf.

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Title : Gunung Burni Telong Idaman Para Pendaki, Bener Meriah Indonesia.

Mount Burni Telong has a height of 2606 meters above sea level, located in Bener Meriah District, Aceh adjacent to Mount Burni Geurudong. At this time this mountain has been managed by a group of people who care about sustainability, they have made this mountain a mountain of tourism that anyone can climb as long as it pays distribution and obeys the rules that have been set. For those who have never climbed here, they provide Guide services to be delivered to the summit.

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Hello Travelers, happy weekend. Speaking of tourism potential in Aceh with extraordinary charm and still rarely exposed to human touch, can be said Aceh Jaya ranked first. Passing through the highway alone, this southern area of Aceh presents spectacular views of splendid eyes, charming beaches, roads that split the mountains, not to mention if counting some uninhabited beautiful islands, waterfalls and rivers flowing in the village- his village.

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