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Title : I’m poor because of you

What do you feel about this life, of course we will experience a different fate. sometimes I see life is very unfair to some people, even I feel a tremendous difference between myself and others, why ?, I really do not know what causes all this can be different. I see rich people getting richer with the wealth that he has, as well as I see poor people getting poorer with the effort he has, why, why and why this can happen, even as there is no result between work that is always day he always tekuni, hard work, ketekenunan and spirit as if nothing.

Title : You and badmood

Speaking of mood, of course, most of us always go through the mood, whether it’s good mood or badmood, maybe most of us always interpret mood only when circumstances are not in accordance with the mind. And what do you think about the mood, is it good or otherwise not very good for the health of your mind ?. I will answer that problem is not very good for us, because you will only waste a lot of important time to serve the mood, it is really a time you waste, but it may also be important to hone your patience skills in the face of that problem.



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Title : Bees or Flies, Which One Your Eyes?

Motivation, today we will always discuss about motivation, why ?, because motivation is very important for your personal and your progress. If we talk about motivation then he will never run out to be discussed, because human nature is always changing depending on the demand environment where he grew up. Even with the five senses themselves can determine the state of the human body, even good and bad will always be visible with all this, so it is necessary pemisalan of nature that has a lot of cues for those of you who think.

Title : Learning is Changing

There are believing nature contains thousands of learning for people who want to think ?, yes it is fitting you to believe about it, because it is true nature always provide many lessons for those who want to think. The power of affection, that is one proof of the many experiments that have been done. Compassion is a natural ability that grants grace to human beings. And this ability is one of the innate from birth and with a little polish when the development period, and in the end many people who develop it becomes an extraordinary thing.

Title : Peoples Decision

I hope there is one of the anime movie lovers, but I also hope that you do not just look at it in terms of cartoons, because that’s obviously a lie. There are many interesting stories and wise words in it, but you need to think for this, because not everything you see is directly like a motivational word. One of these words was uttered by orochimaru in the naruto anime, “The one that really frightens is when people stop pursuing the truth” – Ochimaru. And what you can pick from here, the word has a very profound meaning for you who mamu interpret it.


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Title : Go to Nagan Raya, Try Tek Tek Noodle

When I went to Nagan Raya District last week, I was curious about the culinary name of *Tek Tek Mie*. I tried it and it turns out I was wrong after seeing the shape. This culinary is the same as Mie Aceh in general, with the main ingredients of yellow noodles made by relying on the heritage of the ancestors. It feels good and I love that food. >”Then why is *Tek Tek*,” I say to the waiter who is busy serving customers. >”The *ditek tek* is chicken as a mixture of noodles, if the chopped noodles can be destroyed,” he said while smiling. []

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Title : The pleasure of Kuah Cue in Mount Kulu, But …

In the restaurant, Gulee Pliek is combined with the addition of Cue or Faunus Ater, a type of slug that lives in estuaries and seafront overgrown with mangrove forests. Many are found along the Aceh coast. We enjoy it together until it runs out, inhaling the contents of Cue from his shell. “It’s rich in protein and healthy,” my friend said like a nutritionist. But there is some unpleasant news behind the deliciousness of Kuah Cue. Some living in adjacent locations accumulate lead (Pb) and zinc (Zn) heavy metals, can harm health? []

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Title : Mr. Jali, Waiter of the Leuser Line

The story of Mr. Jali, a resident of Gayo Lues who lives as a guide to the peak climbers of Mount Leuser, the highest mountain in Aceh. Keeping the area, he also educates 25 villagers and their children to become a guide. Currently, his son Rabudin has inherited knowledge of the father in recognizing the path to the top. If there are guests who want to climb, young people who have been trained to be a guide. Mr Jali as the leader as their coordinator. His experience is solid, as well as awards from various institutions. Almost all Mountain Leuser climbers have accompanied him. Mr Jali was also a guide during the TNI Kopassus Unit expedition in 2011 ago. []



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Title : Starting a New Tag (# re-book) For Science Contents [BILINGUAL]

I just got a new book, the new one contains about mammals. This will add to my latest collection of science. My latest post will begin with the content of mammals. Some time ago I had adventure with astronomical content. Now I have a lot of science content to publish. Everything about science is fun. A thing will be reviewed from a trusted book source. I am trying to develop all of this. There is a new taq in every content of my science, I chose to use # re-book. All content sourced from books, magazines, and the like will always be used by this taq.

Title : re-book # 1, Know the Dolphin Life [BILINGUAL]

Dolphins are one type of mammal that lives in the sea. When swimming, dolphins can go up to speeds of 100 km / h. He is a water mammal that is so agile that can jump to a height of 4 m. They communicate with each other using a spattering sound. The resulting sound will also be as a determinant of direction due to the reflection of the sound when it hit the barrier. Currently the population of the dolphins is almost endangered because it is hunted by humans.

Title : re-book # 2 Mammal, The “Dazzling Singer” [BILINGUAL]

These marine mammals are almost extinct. Currently the whale population is only about 10,000. One of the causes of the loss of whales in their habitats is because they are hunted by humans. The pope is a type of mammal dubuluki “dazzling singer”. She has a beautiful voice to attract the attention of the female whales. One of the largest types of whales on Earth is the Blue Whale. Blue whale has the largest eyes, the diameter of the eye ranges up to 15 cm. The population of the Pope is spread throughout the Indian Ocean. He also includes a reliable swimmer, he can dive to a depth of 500 m. If the whale is stranded to the shoreline, then it is very unlikely for him to survive.


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Almost a week did not make a post, today I took the time to draw 4 friends in a jersey semifinalis between URUGUAY VS FRENCH which will soon be played and we watched together on the TV screen, on the big screen in the coffee shop / cafe. I support FRENCH for victory with a score of 3-1, but do not think I’m a french fan ..😁. How the results I made this. Oya .. This manufacturing process Using PAPERDRAW application. Hope you enjoy my work.

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Title : 191 # My daily sketch. Caricatures @ nayya24

This time I tried to make caricature of my friend’s face. He is the Steemians who have introduced me to the Steemit Platform. She is @nayya24. The main theme of this caricature is about “The World of Soccer”. I have known him for a long time. As I know, he is a Juventus club lover. So I made a caricature of his face as a Juventus club lover. Wrap the distinctive dress with black and white is increasingly clear that @nayya24 is a fan club of the Italian ball.



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Title : Homeless | 20180707 (Poetry ) #56

This poem tells the reality of the lives of street children. A life that is seen with the eyes of almost everyone. Sometimes their story becomes political consumption without a meaningful settlement. If they can choose, maybe they will not be street children. This is just a page of their destiny today. Struggling to continue living without a dream like most people. Being able to eat and sleep on the street alone makes them happy. Either they are grateful or enjoy their destiny. The extent to which we can empathize with their lives. What ever we do to help him. Do not hurt let alone insult their lives. They did not choose it but it was fate that chose them.


Title : EXPLORE GAYO – Tansaran Bidin Waterfall, Wonosari Bener Meriah

Hello steemian .. Back again with me @bonesumpal, of course with the world of adventure. Gayo Land save a lot of interesting natural beauty to visit, this highlands in Aceh is never bored to be explored. One of them Tansaran Bidin Waterfall located in the Village Wonosari Bener Meriah, Water that comes out of the cliff wall gap has tremendous appeal. As in the video I uploaded, a group of adventurers who travel to the Tansaran Bidin Waterfall. Please visit my post to see the adventure to Bener Meriah Tansaran Bidin Waterfall.

Title : Road To ASEAN GAMES Jakarta -Palembang 2018, Raise the Flag at Serelo Hill Peak, Indonesia

Hello steemian … Serelo Hill or better known as Mount Jempol or some others named Bukit Telunjuk located about 900 meters above sea level is located in Warai Village, Merapi Selatan District, Lahat Regency, South Sumatra or is 276 km from Palembang. Salero Hill is one of the landmarks and pride of the people of Lahat. A group of Nature Lovers “MINE LINE” made a form of flag raising activity ASIAN GAMES 2018 at Serres Hill Peak, climbing steep cliffs and applying professional climbing techniques. In addition, Bukit Serelo also gives the feel of incredible scenery. As in the video I uploaded on this occasion. Various preparations were made to promote the Asian Games activities, of course, to succeed the Asian Games.

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Title : Unplanned trips, past the cannabis fields while on the Duren field. SAWANG NORTH ACEH

The soil of Aceh land paradise, wooden stick can be a plant. The soil of Atjeh land of marijuana, from the past until now. I proved this proverb when visiting a Durian garden, in the middle of my journey I found a cannabis garden. For more details you can read this dipostingan, This unplanned trip to cover my trip at the weekend. Have a good day guys.. Enjoy it.

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