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Title : phobia for a life choice

Stop, yaa or not? it depends what you will choose after determining these two answers. Maybe the reason is that I have to stop because of reason, I need a long time to think and it wastes a lot of time in my life, so more precisely my choice is to stop. Obviously this is a trap for a problem. So I have to specify an answer to find this problem. And every reason you choose certainly makes sense, some of you will argue because it does not want to be hard and take a headache. yes that is the right reason and very fast.

Title : guest not invited, but I had to serve with eyes

How someone will know you very well. Yes one way a person to know good bad you answer the movement of the opponent is when you are face to face with someone you know. Not in terms of courage you have, but from what you give when giving small talk with those who will be your responsibility for a moment. About how you ask questions, respond to problems, and enjoy every dish she gives.



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Title : Best Self-Best of the Best

in this short life, then there are many things that may happen. Sometimes there are sad, happy, proud, and various other things. This situation makes us stronger than ever to create a colorful life. When we are feeling quite sad or quite happy it is necessary to have a soul shock to return to being a normal human being, one of which is through self-muhasabah. The most beautiful way to visit muhasabah is to visit the sick, especially the hospital. Make this a spiritual journey so there are many blessings coming after it.

Title : Blockchain is one of Silaturrahmi Benefit

see in a highly recommended concept in Islam that is silaturrahmi. In a process of silaturrahmi there will be a bond with each other so as to form a long chain of brotherhood. The fraternal chain formed is mutual trust and can bring a lot of rizki. Looking at the concept of silaturrahmi then exactly with the blockchain system built by algorithm experts. For more details, please read on the following article.

Title : Between your Eye and Hearth

Eyes and hearts are two things that are closely related to each other. When the eye sees then all the recordings will be stored in memory and will be a reference for the heart in making decisions. All these things are so closely related to each other that they are complete to be human.


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Title : Petuah Para Senior: Meliput Konflik #1

stories about the experience while covering the Aceh conflict. The story is glowing and I have not figured out what edition to write. In this first part, I wrote about the advice of seniors to cover the Aceh conflict. “Life is more important than news.” That’s not for comparison, just an emphasis for the heart-day. The Aceh conflict is called the dark period of the rebellion in the Republic of Indonesia. The Free Aceh Movement (GAM) declared the independence struggle on 4 December 1976. Many victims of life and property, Aceh slumped. Peace August 15, 2005 slowly brings about change. I lived in those days and wrote some of his stories as a journalist in the final period of the war. Media acehkita.com and Acehkita magazine who always campaigned for peace at that time became a place to learn and write conflict coverage. []

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Title : Kepingan ‘Surga’ dari Puncak Geurutee

The charm of the view from the top of Geurutee is the ‘paradise’ piece that may have fallen there. It is a charm that is difficult to paint words, presented a combination of steep mountains, beaches, rice fields, sea, bay, valleys, islands and forests. If the afternoon, the more exotic scenery accompanied by the sunset at the end of the Indian Ocean sea. Geurutee is a mountain that borders Aceh Besar and Aceh Jaya or about 75 kilometers from Banda Aceh. A narrow winding road makes motor vehicles unable to accelerate, to be careful not to crash into a cliff or to plunge into a ravine. If it rains, make it more vulnerable. Anyone who stops in the area is not too afraid to take pictures or just a selfie with the background of unspeakably beautiful natural beauty []

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Title : Hadiah Puisi dari “Presiden”

Profile of my friend’s street poet, Hasbi Burman. Generations of age know him as President Rex, referring to a region in Peunayong Banda Aceh. Hasbi always look quirky until now. Wearing flip-flops, she’s still strong walking and even smoking. I never asked what his activities are, which Hasbi is still proficient at reciting poetry. Check out his work that was awarded to me, “Do not forget the title DHUAFA. It’s about the plight of the poor, “he said as commanded. The poem, he said as a social portrait of the poor in Aceh. I dare not interpret it, please interpret it yourself. []


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Maybe you know this is a monkey, yes I hope you know this. Parafiletic which is a grouping of monkeys, because the old world monkey is actually Cercopithecoidea, which is almost as genetic as apes. while the biggest monkeys are mandrill, and some of us also often call monkeys as apes. And some monkeys have been exploited by humans as animals to help with daily work. Long-tailed monkeys are the animals that most often interact with humans.



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Title : How Flat Earth Theory Reveals the Movement of the Sun and Earth

The sun is a celestial body shaped like a glow ball. The sun has a very hot ray of light. Like other solar systems, the sun also has its movements in the equator. Movement matarahi there is a pseudo and there is also an intrinsic. Basically both movements move normally on the equator. The movement of the sun resulted in the alternation of day and night, day, week, month, and year. The existence of the sun is always changing due to the slope of the earth. On a certain date, the slope of the earth can reach + 23 ° or even 0 °. Different things happen on the “Earth Flat” theory. In that theory the sun and the earth belong to a celestial body that has an electrical charge. The movement of the sun that has a magnetic field allows the sun to move in a balanced position in a vertical position.


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Title : ANIMATION CARTOON 4 Friends .Pinalty( in progres)

Still with the theme of football and wearing 4 folks as a model. This theme is the same as my post 2 days ago about figure 4 sekawan execute pinallti.Jika on yesterday animation using figure 4 sekawan from wax material in motion step by stage, then for this animation I try to make animation with cartoon image. Using flipaclip application as a media of drawing & moving animasi.Aplikasi this new I know and I download this afternoon.So this my first attempt to use this application.Membuat cartoon animation has a different challenge with animated toy wax.Untuk cartoon animation I have to redraw figure in complete step by stage his movements.



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Title : Steemit | 20180630 ( Poetry ) #54

This poem is inspired from the balance of steemit now. The price of steam that later slumped makes some users start less passionate. This is just the point of view of a small percentage of users. But most remain consistent with posting post as usual. What is really going on there? Various arguments came but only as entertainers for a moment. Whatever is going on may need a change from steemit or steam. But I do not know, hopefully this situation will change over time. This is where our firmness is being tested. If all goes as expected what is the point of persistent and patient word? Keep the spirit and positive thinking. Whatever happens, life goes on!

Title : Purpose of Life | 20180630 ( Poetry ) #55

This poem tells the story of human life. The purpose of life is the most important thing in determining every choice and action. Various problems color this life, even like the ups and downs that come and go. Science and experience become the basic capital in determining attitudes and making choices. There are various tantalizing offers as well as the various reinforcement reasons coming in this life. Apart from all that we ourselves make the choice with all the consequences. Hopefully our choice is right.


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Title : Travel Food | Memasak Ikan Semah di Danau Kaco (Cooking Fish Semah on Lake Kaco)

My trip to Kerinci Regency is part of Sumatera roaming activities, one of which I visited was Lake Kaco. At the same time cover the journey roaming Sumatra. Semah fish is an ethnic fish from Lake Kaco, the fish is the most delicious and expensive fish in the market. I am very curious about Fish Semah and can not wait to eat it. Exploring Lake Kaco is less complete if it has not cooked Fish Semah, cooking yourself in the wood will have satisfaction while adventure. Good luck ya best friend adventurer ..

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Title : SELFIE EDITION #1 | Narsis di Gunung Merbabu, Indonesia

The photograph is a documentation that states valid or evidence that the person has been to the destination, the photo is also a complement to a journey. A variety of styles and conditions, of course the best photographs that are always published. I am very fond of the world of photography, because the world of photography is very fun. Moreover, taking pictures on the mountain, feeling tired as if lost at the time. Often times I create a narcissistic photo with a selfie photo, because taking pictures is fun. Do you like my selfie photos while in the mountains ??? Here are some of my narcissistic photos while climbing to Merbabu Mountain, Central Java, enjoy.

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