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Title : You Must Keep Your Buttocks Tomorrow For You To Be Healthy

I hope you are not someone who often stay up, yes it is not good for your body. If you do not do a lot of therapy for your body’s health, then adequate sleep is one of the body’s very good therapies for health. Your body needs a balance between sleep and staying up and between rest and work, not forever working and forgetting a break, but need a break to enjoy the work process. You need to have a good response for your body, staying up late is not a good thing for your body, and without you knowing it’s ruining your whole body.

Title : You Stop, I’ll Laugh

How much you wish for SBD, yes maybe today you have to stop because the SBD is not stable, it is not enough to pay your hard work for a day. And maybe you should stop because your keyboard is broken, maybe it’s one of the reasons so you’re not shy, yes I understand, and you need a strong reason to quit. And if you stop, maybe I should give you a great appreciation and I have to laugh behind the bathroom. Because maybe you are someone who has a bigger soul to think about the future, and maybe I should forget people like you.

Title : I Lied, and How Important The Truth For You

How important is the truth to you, and it may be a common thing for those of you who have not accepted betrayal. And how important it is to lie to you, it’s also a very important thing for you who often make mistakes. I see your face like a very soft and even colder than a snowball, but do I have to believe that you are as soft as that, maybe not, and I will not believe your innocent face. it’s the same I’m going to believe in an empty barrel and it seems to have a great content.



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Title : The Achievement Is Not Just Above (Bilingual)

Success is the dream of everyone, but it is worth noting carefully, because in this world there is no such thing as success. The more precise words that represent the success in this world are achievements. Behind all the above events, see the success not at its peak. This is because the success is composed by small blocks to reach the highest peak, so as to stand above all suffering as a winner. This is what Sasuke says, you do not need to understand who Naruto is now, what you need to understand is what Naruto has been fighting for Uchiha Sasuke

Title : Changing the Future Is a Possible Art (bilingual)

The wise man says, “the past is history, the present is grace and the future is still undefiled” (anonymous). Speaking of the past then we will not be separated from the words background and history. Talking about the present is a gift we should be grateful for, but talking about the future is out of the question. On the other hand, the future is a very likely state for us to change except for four things: step, rizki, dating and death. Some future has been given a chance to change, according to His promise. Therefore, the art of changing the future is a possible art. Be excited !!!

Title : Why Spiderman Should Use Mask? (BILLINGUAL)

Heroes are people who have more ability than ordinary people. Heroes usually work in silence unnoticed, but there are also heroes who work openly even a little. Working behind the silence does not mean shame to others, but it has a further impact to protect yourself from the physical and mental attacks of his enemies. In addition, the hero who works behind the shadows will be hard to find by bad people to dianianya. This is what causes the spiderman to use the mask, so it can protect the people closest to the threat of enemies to menyandranya.


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Title : Without Tambo, Tarawih End in Meunasah Tuha

After five hours drive from Banda Aceh, I arrived at home, before breaking the fast June 13, 2017. Tonight last tarawih Ramadan this year and tomorrow the last fasting day followed by Eid al-Fitr. Gampong (village) Pante Baro Gle Siblah, Bireuen District can not be separated from my life. That’s where the place grows from the small raised parents. They are still there, my obligation as a child is to visit him in holy day, Eid al-Fitr. So ramailah our house, brother and my sisters and his family together.

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Title : Balee Inong History #4: Successful Portrait of Banda Women

Never lonely, the tourists come to enjoy the object Ship Tour on Home, Gampong Lampulo Banda Aceh. There, they are served by guides who explain the history of objects closely related to the Aceh tsunami event, almost 13 years ago. The ship is proof of the awesomeness of the tsunami, which was dragged waves from the waters and stuck in a resident’s home. Gallery Balee Inong uses a house, which is used to sell all the handicrafts and food souvenirs typical of Aceh. At a glance there is nothing special in the gallery, when I visit. “Here, all handicrafts and food for souvenirs are sold, are the products of women who are members of Balee Inong throughout Banda Aceh,” said Fauziah, Chairman of Balee Inong Mufakat, Lampulo.

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Title : Learning to Important People

Not a story about the regent, the governor let alone the president. It’s about an important person named Bang Syakya, once the citizens call him. She is best known in my village and around. Especially before Eid arrives. If he is invisible for days, then hears the question of his existence. dozens of years pursue the barber profession. His patience is a class, I’ve never heard him bicker with citizens since 30 years more familiar to him. So when I went to my village in the district of Bireuen, I missed his hands above my head. Bring back memories of the past decades, as a child and a teenager while still living there with parents.


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This time I did not give the title “MY PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY”, probably for some powerful reasons, and one of them is because I want to get help from any shortcomings of many photos I’ve shared, because suggestions and comments are very important things from life, so I really expect it from every visitor of my post.Because the photo I share tonight is a new macro lens test I get from my friend, thanks for you.And today I spent a lot of time to colonize the fields to get interesting object photos.

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What do you think when looking at the photo, yes it is a rhinoceros beetle that is one of the beetles belonging to the unki of many species of beetles that roam in this nature. this beetle has a body length that is not so perfect that is 3 to 5 cm, this is considered a short animal. why this beetle is known as the rhino beetle ?, because he has horns that are almost the same as rhino horns. And although it already has the rhino beetle nickname, but please note all that not all beetles have horns, rhinoceros beetles that have horns are rhinoceros beetles.

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It’s not easy to get beautiful pictures, it all takes a process and takes energy to get a good focal point. as well as hand painting results, you have to bother to stretch out the paper until it takes a few shorts to get the perfect line, yes that’s the business picture you need to know. No different from the butterfly process until it has a beautiful and unique shape like this, it has to go through several processes until finally get a perfect and so beautiful form called metamorphosis.


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Title : Take Control of Your Mind and Create a New Presentation [BILINGUAL]

Sometimes some unwanted questions come into our brain. Must be controlled immediately and make it feel more normal again to avoid stress. If we continue to receive these arising stimuli it will cause a sense of stress and uncomfortable. Create some new imaginations and perceptions to control everything. Send visual ransangan to the brain immediately create the latest program. Create a perception that is more different from what the brain is thinking at the moment. The perception is the process of controlling the incoming stimuli, starting from the stage of recognizing, organizing, and sensing the senses received by the five senses. When everything has been programmed in the brain, it will appear an intelligence to act, control, and decide a problem that is happening.

Title : Small rocks in the Solar System

There are many millions of dust scattered in this universe. One type of dust scattered within the solar system is the Nebula. This dust is a cosmic dust or particles that are small enough. The particles hover in outer space. The particles exchange about 0.1 mm and spread out beyond the Milky Way. In astronomy, the term Nebula is used for the type of dust and gas that is in outer space. These dusts will get around newborn stars. The nebula is also one of the constituents of the formation of new stars in the sky. In one place in California, in 2015 discovered a new galaxy. The galaxy is thought to be formed by nebulae.


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Title : 179#Animation ,hit the bedug

happy eid day for all of you Muslims, this is one of my art form about the depiction of the atmosphere of Lebaran night, need some process to get perfect result, and all I have arranged neatly dipost me this one, maybe you can see it again with pressing the link we have shared, minal aizin walfaizin apologize born and inner. Duk, Duk, Duk that’s the sound of the drum that sounded that night, and I really like to form an art in the form of an image like this.

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Title : 178# 4 friends Mudik/back to hometown

How are you friends of stemians who are traveling and who may already be in the hometown, I hope to survive to the destination. I am currently on my way home, my habits during steemit after having 4 friends, always take them on every trip. This idea I can, when the transportation that I was traveling to stop breaking fasting earlier. Taking photos for this idea there are about 20 photos that take but only a few that I can share, the rest of the lights die dark alias, This is some results of impromptu photos 4 journey trip back and forth this afternoon.


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Title : Negligent | 20180609 (Poetry) # 50

This poem tells the story of human life at the end of time. They race to get whatever enjoyment of the world to live today. There is no consideration of the future, the time of death. While being prepared only for the life of the world alone. It’s like a saying that people are actually sleeping, and when they die they wake up. They will regret that their short life has been spent only to satisfy the lusts of the world, while the afterlife is neglected. Order this poem so we can balance the needs of the world and the hereafter.

Title : Time Window 20180611 (Poetry) # 51

This poem tells the story of a heart’s bond to a lover. Though her lover already has her own spouse. She is embarrassed to express every feeling she experiences, even embarrassed to say longing. It’s a love story, not like an affair, but they’ve loved each other before anyone else divorces their love affair. Their relationship remained intertwined and became the secret of both of them. This story continues, no one knows when this will end because they are still tied strongly to the past memory.


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Title : Lingkok Kuwieng, the natural charm in the interior of Pidie. Aceh, Indonesia.

Last year 2016 I went to Lingkok Kuwieng with cousins and friends. Kuwieng Lingkok is the grand canyon of Pidie, its location is dilakah mount Seulawah Dara. This place is a favorite for nature lovers because of its beautiful nature. There is so much you can do there, like playing water, fishing, camping and more. I really enjoy the state of nature, cool and peaceful. You have to try it.

Source from Zamzami Ali / Klikkabar

Title : Goodbye Bunta (Elephant) 🖑

On June 9, 2018, I was very excited when I heard a tame elephant who died poisoned and stolen ivory. Bunta is his name, he has helped many elephant controllers drive out the wild elephants that disturb the plantation population. My goal to create this content is to provide insight for you, so that the human and elephant conflict we hear needs support for handling it.

Image By Facebook | Bones Si Petualang

Title : Tips to Avoid Wild Animals Disorder while Camping | Travel Tip # 1

1. Avoid setting up tents at night.

  1. Observe and select the appropriate camping location.
  2. Do not leave traces of food and camping equipment outside the tent.
  3. Bring enough plastic bags to hang and pack one more piece.
  4. Sprinkle salt around the camping area to avoid reptiles and soil insects.
  5. Light a fire at night near the camp, because fire signifies life. Except in the location there is a rhinoceros.

Science is very important in professional adventurers who do it. May be useful.

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