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Title : fatigue that keeps busy prolonged

Have you ever felt your days so tiring. Honestly, I feel a burden so heavy with the many burdens that come. And because of that, all my time is wasted away. I was busy thinking about the problem, even one problem that happened to make my day and night wasted. Yet it is wrong, and this is the biggest mistake of my life for serving unnecessary malaches. Imagine, I have a 24 hours a day, then a problem comes to me, this is not a serious problem, just a matter of minutes, the problem goes rushing away, but I feel the loss is so long.

Title : I’m being fooled by fake games

How often do you adventure as long as you are in steemit? if not, then you should try for something new. surfing or adventurous, two different words but having a semblance of meaning. Believe it or not, that all posts you read while doing an adventure in steemit is a new ammunition. yes I believe, because some of the objects passing in front of me are materials, and every material I get is written, while the writing I write is a post. and the conclusion that I am doing an adventure to get the latest posts.

Title : It decreases as I find my way

What can I help ?, yes I know, maybe you no longer need my help, and I hope also like that. You’ve found some way to start a new life, and it looks very bloated, even you no longer care about the beginning of your rise. yes, it is very exciting to talk about, and this problem is the beginning of the outbreak of a debate. But you should not forget all the time that has ever raised your life.


Title : The Law of Cause and Effect is the Nature of Beings

Since being born into this world, everything is destined to undergo the law of cause and effect. This situation has changed the human civilization from time to time due to a cause of the demands of the times that continue to grow. In the end we realize it or not, everything we do today because there is a cause, even friends register in this steemit was for a cause. This law of causality that will end one’s life and even this world one day. Therefore be careful about this, because if we understand this then with the mind that can still develop certainly we will find good causes so as to produce a good result too

Title : Protect All Valuable or Overdeliver

Each of us who are born into this world must have something of value. Something precious will become more valuable if we really protect it with all our soul and body, surely this will be a beautiful story when it is actually done. Not only the human world, but the animal world is always protecting the precious things. The end of the protection story is to create a beautiful thing. How many people who write their stories about the protection of the precious people around them in the end they will get 2 times more than is given. If indeed we want to create a strong group, then protect them and invite the fight together, so it will be really strong.

Title : Life Is Like Chess Son Position

The story of life is a story coming and going. In a time will come good people and following the wicked, so that after their story is complete then everything will disappear from this world. Next comes the same future that is there are good and evil people, again after they finish eating will disappear. It is exactly like a chess piece on a black and white plot. In the end, a good person then his name will always be remembered and his struggle will be appreciated by the people, otherwise the name of bad people will be remembered as his ugliness. The choice is in the hands of each of us want to be like what and with what kind of person.


Title : Arabica or Robusta, It’s up to you

This is the story of arabica or robusta choice if you want to drink in Banda Aceh, two flavors that can be found in every corner of the city nicknamed 1001 coffee shop.I am addict, arabica and robusta is no problem in the stomach. Some people avoid robusta, for reasons unfriendly in the stomach. About the price, arabica is slightly more expensive in Banda Aceh. The glass is around Rp 10,000 – Rp 15.000, while robusta is only Rp 5,000 per kilo. And in the world market, arabica is also more expensive and famous.

Title : Mosque Lamgugob, Comfortable and Clean

The parking is spacious, comfortable and magnificent. His people are never deserted. Syuhada Mosque, Gampong Lamgugob District of Syiah Kuala, is considered the most orderly and clean in all sub-districts within Banda Aceh. The assessment applies to all facilities, such as ablutions, toilets and of course conditions in a comfortable mosque. Also the management of the prosperity of the mosque, the activeness of the board, as well as other supporting facilities such as the existence of a small literature mukena containing the Qur’an, books and books about religion.

Title : Traces of War at Masjid Lueng Bata

One complex with two mosques, this is rarely seen in Indonesia. But in Lueng Bata, the old mosque building is still maintained alongside the magnificent new building. During the war, Lueng Bata Mosque plays an important role. Teungku Imum Lueng Bata led the area during the Dutch aggression. He commands the Acehnese and the Aceh troops to defend the inner court. But the Dutch managed to seize the palace around the Great Mosque of Banda Aceh in the second aggression on January 24, 1874. Sultan Aceh Mahmudsyah, Polem Commander and Teuku Baet were forced to retreat to Lueng Bata.



This is a precious moment for me, I see a sparrow enjoying the fresh air on his doorstep. he was looking at some winds that brought a peaceful atmosphere. I did not waste this opportunity to immortalize his photograph, I immediately took my camera and I posted his picture in camera memory. Sparrows are seed-eating birds. The population of these birds is very much spread across all continents, because the main feeding of the bird is the grain, one of which is rice.


What you see in this picture, yes it is one of the beetles that still has a population to this day. I saw him standing on a leafy calm, having no friends and there I was lulled by its beauty. This beetle is one species of insect that has a unique escape strategy from human grasp. if you catch this kind of beetle (Chrysochroa genus), then quickly he will pretend to die, all the legs will be folded and docked to the body. then when you take it off, then quickly he will fly.


It’s also about birds, but the story is different from the birds in other posts. That day at noon, I hurried away from home to a hill in my village. That day I hope to get some kind of bird or other animal that has life in the wild to become the latest collection in my camera memory. Perhaps also that day I have not been lucky, because some birds in my mind did not have time to record, and therefore my camera recordings are on the same bird species but at a different moment. This is a hummingbird.


Title : Circular Dust Star In Space

There are many millions of dust scattered in this universe. One type of dust that is scattered within the solar system is the Nebula. This dust is a cosmic dust or particles that are small enough. The particles hover in outer space. The particles exchange about 0.1 mm and spread out beyond the Milky Way. In astronomy, the term Nebula is used for the type of dust and gas that is in outer space. These dusts will get around newborn stars. The nebula is also one of the constituents of the formation of new stars in the sky. In one place in California, in 2015 discovered a new galaxy. The galaxy is thought to be formed by nebulae.

Title : Living Things That Control The Life Cycle In The Ocean

The sea is where the largest ecosystems are scattered throughout the oceans. There are different types of biota that live and interact with each other. One of the marine inhabitants is Plankton. Plankton is one of a kind that is very small, about 0.0005 micro. Plankton lives floating in water. Plankton is divided into two types namely, zooplankton and phytoplankton. Both types of plankton have their respective roles. Plankton has a very important role in controlling the food chain that occurs in marine ecosystems.

Title : Small rocks in the Solar System

Physics is a branch of science that investigates the universe, metaphysics and achieves the intent of epistimology. In the development of the era of science Physics continues to develop. Scientists continue to develop various theories about physics. Then Physics becomes as a science that discusses one theory with another theory and the opposite of existing theories. Differences about the theory sparked a debate among scientists. Galelio, Corpenicus, and Bellarmino are some examples of scientists who have different points of view on cosmological theory. From the journey of history, we can understand that science continues to develop in the search for truth.


Title : 171# 3d art, bitcoin

How does your expression when looking at the pictures in the form of 3 Dimensions (3-D). “I have not been so adept at drawing 3 Dimensional images, I’m studying the tutorials on youtube”, says @komenk. The main object in this painting is Bitcoin. The depiction is done using pencil and painting pen. Some Bitcoin objects in the image in a composed form. With A4 size paper and painted pencils, the image looks like a bitcoin stack. The drawing process uses only hatching techniques. Arsiran intends to create a certain curve or lines so that the resulting image looks more real. The colors in this image are only dominated by black. Bitcoin 3 Dimensional image is certainly very attractive to the attention of Fingerians friends.

Title : 172# work & hobby

The process of drawing this image is very complicated. Mix two types of objects in one object. The main object of this picture is a person in uniform. In this picture is seen a man who holds weapons and musical instruments in the form of a guitar. The weapon represents the man’s work and the guitar represents the hobby that the man loves. In making images like this things that need to be considered is how to describe a person’s profession and someone’s hobby so that the resulting image can illustrate the intended purpose. Probably never imagined how to incorporate it into one object. The resulting image is very fantastic and attracts the attention of the Fingerians.

Title : 173# my-comic 18 years ago

“The last time I drew about 18 years ago, this was the result of my past drawing”, says @komenk81. The work ever made about 18 years ago was published on this Platform. The 60-page comic tells about Police Education. The story is raised in the comic based on personal experience. There are so many objects that have to be drawn in to become a comic. This comic became a memory for him. The process of portrayal in the comic was done manually. All images are made using pencil and there is no touch of electrically electrically at all. In drawing all that takes a long time, because it takes precision, scenarios, depiction of the characters, and character figures.


Title : Tafakur | 20180603 ( Poetry ) #47) # 45

This poem is inspired by the way of interacting a friend who is almost every time wrong in addressing and responding to problems. It seems that he has let his emotional overtake lead rather than rationality (reason). Whereas the ordinary man is the moment of intellect which regulates the control over all communications and actions. This is where the author takes ‘tafakur’ as the title of poetry. A kind of contemplation that puts forward the logic of thinking about the problems it faces. Although it is literally more to spiritual reflection, yet all our actions have feedback that is not much different from what we have done.

Title : Aku Belum Menyerah | 20180607 ( poetry ) #48

This poem is lifted from the story of one’s life struggle in the face of all the problems of life. Various burdens and life tests have passed and become a valuable experience in the future. Although today the world is not on its path, it strives and does not give in to the circumstances and limitations of life. This fact actually makes it even stronger. Like a rocky cliff at sea that every time the wave. That’s how he fought all the troubles of life that happened to him.

Title : Lantern of Life | Lentera Kehidupan | 20180608 ( Poetry ) # 49

This poem tells about the reality of life that is almost lost control. The life that should have been displaced by the cycle of the times and the demands of the times. It is very difficult to get the right information to do something useful in everyday life. The one who should lead has been displaced because of lack of support in the right direction. And those who are strong in groups take over the powers of power have absolutely no capacity to lead. This can be said as the irony of life

Title : Bukit Panggoi View, Lhokseumawe Aceh
Panggoi Hill, Lhokseumawe Aceh

Lhokseumawe is a city that is in between the hills and the sea, the location of an island. Who would have thought lhokseumawe City has a good place to camp, ie see the sunrise and city lights above the hills. Bukit Panggoi is a tourist attraction that is classified as new and has not been visited by many people. These hills overgrown the runput of reeds and rocks that have been thousands of years. This place is very nice to visit for you who like camping and photography.

Title : Touring Bike 2013
Touring bike Lhokseumawe – Sabang Island.

Outdoor sports is not just Mountain climbing, Rock climbing, Goa Entrance, Rafting, Waterfall Down and others. Cycling is also a sport that is cool and impressed with the adventure. The long journey we took and the challenges we had to face during the cycling, it took five days to get there. Touring the Lhokseumawe-Sabang Island bike is my achievement in adventure, although many judge bike touring is crazy. But I can prove to people and myself that we are crazy. You should try it, many lessons you get. Patience, steadfastness, mental and survival.

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